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      Galss Round

      Glass panel light, die-casting aluminum shell which can ensure the heat dissipation,
      Classic round shape design and Square shape design,
      Soft light, no flicker,
      Surface installation,
      Extremely long lifetime of 30000 hours, and high reliability.

      Main advantages of glass panel light:
      1. Very comfortable light environment;
      2. Easy to install;
      3. Excellent price / performance ration.

      Main applications of surface round LED panel:
      1. Hotels
      2. Conference / meeting rooms
      3. Home
      4. Factories / offices

      Available in dimensions φ100mm/6W, φ160mm/12W, and φ200mm/18W.
      Galss Round
      Product Figures:

      6 | 12 | 18 watts

      Product Chip Dimensions(mm) Cut-Out(mm) Input Voltage CRI(RA) Wattage Lumen
      6W Round Gla 5730 φ100*40 φ75 85-240V 80 6W 360LM
      12W Round Gla 5730 φ160*40 φ135 85-240V 80 12W 840LM
      18W Round Gla 5730 φ200*40 φ165 85-240V 80 18W 1260LM


      Galss Round
      Galss Round