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      First cordless miner's cap lamp all over the world!
      Brighter, lighter,
      more reliable cordless miner's cap lamp
      Compatible with the original charging equipment!

      Widely Used:
      Industrial miner's cap lamp kl5m-c,Professional LED Cap Lamp,Brightness Up to 11000 Lux,Working Time Up to 17 Hours,Service Life Up to 100000 Hours.

      Performance Characteristics:
      1,11000 lux brightness,11000 lux is three times brighter than normal cordless cap lamp,
      the best choice for underground environment.
      2,6200 mAh 18650A! High capacity li-ion battery16 hours working time for option to meet the demand of longer working time in the underground.
      3,IP68 water proof certificated, diving to more than 20 meters
      IP68—the highest level waterproof certification standard for connectors. KL5M-C is workable in a long time under water of 20meters!
      4,Rapid charging for 6200mAh within 3-4 hours High efficiency, safe, reliable, longer service life.
      Product Figures:

      1.4W | 6200mAh / 5200mAh 11,000lux

      Specification Unit KL5M-C KL5M-D
      Rated Capacity of Battery mAh 6,200 5,200
      Rated Voltage V 3.8 3.8
      Rated Power(Main) W 1.4 1.4
      Working Volt/Current(Main) V/A 3V/0.45 3V/0.45
      Light Output(at 1m) lux 9,000~11,000 9,000~11,000
      Effective Beam Range m 350 350
      Runtime(high) h 17 15
      Runtime(low) h 35 32
      Charging Time h 4-5 4-5
      Service Life of Bulb h >100,000 >100,000
      Battery Recharge Cycle times ≈1,200 ≈1,200
      Dimension mm Φ74*100*44 Φ74*100*44
      Net Weight kg 0.25 0.23