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      LED Flat Panel Rect

      1,Great lighting source
      It adopts super bright SMD4014 type led as its lighting source. The chip of led have high quality and more bigger size. It can resist higher anti-static and distribute more brightness.
      2, Low light attenuation
      On the back of led containing cooling stand, thermo-electric integrated, easy for heat dissipation, can effectively guarantee the led long-term stability and reduce the light decay, less thank 3% @3000h.
      3,Special design of frame, LGP, diffusion plate
      The anodized aluminum frame is stylish and fashionable with everlasting color. It can cool very well with high thermal conductivity. Using the imported high-quality Light Guiding Plate(LGP). The front panel board is excellent optical PS diffusion plate, which ensures the light even, soft and high transmittance.
      4, Shine way
      Lighting from the side edge, with the bright, clean, even lighting, soft and non-glare surface.

      Areas of Application:
      Corporate offices, meeting rooms, large commercial places, airport lounges, bank& ATM outlets, modern work spaces, schools, and hospital premises.

      Available in dimensions 300×600mm/20W, 300×600mm/24W, 300×4500mm/40W, 300×1200mm/48W, 600×1200mm/60W.
      LED Flat Panel Rect
      Product Figures:

      20 | 24 | 40 | 48 | 60 watts

      Product Chip Dimensions(mm) Lumen(mm) Input Voltage CRI(RA) Wattage Beam Angle
      PL3060-20W 4014 300*600 1440LM 85-240V 80 20W 120°
      PL3060-24W 4014 300*600 1728LM 85-240V 80 24W 120°
      PL30120-40W 4014 300*1200 3000LM 85-240V 80 40W 120°
      PL30120-48W 4014 300*1200 3600LM 85-240V 80 48W 120°
      PL60120-60W 4014 600*1200 4320LM 85-240V 80 60W 120°


      LED Flat Panel Rect
      LED Flat Panel Rect