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      WSTT LED 20

      The WSTT 20 LED PM is a popular choice for haulage, providing a medium to good lighting platform for most tunnels within it recommended height range.
      It is also a good solution to run along conveyor belts, adjoining to the 40 LED or 60 LED at the head and tail machine sections.
      WSTT LED 20
      Product Figures:

      4 watts per meter | 20 LED / METER

      Description WSTT 20 LED Per Meter
      Part Number WSTT-UG-20
      LED Make Epistar
      LED configuration 20 LED’s spaced evenly
      over a meter length
      Range fed from both sides 36V 50 Meters
      Recommended fixing height 4-5 meters
      IP Rating 65
      Power Consumption per LED 0.2 Watts
      Power Consumption per Meter 4 Watts
      Colour Rendering Index CRI >80
      Colour temperature 6500 Kelvin
      Luminous Efficacy 82lm/watt ; 26-28lm/led
      Lumens P/M 368
      Power factor 0.96
      Voltage on lighting VDC 36VDC
      Supply voltage for power controllers VAC 90 – 305 VAC
      Light maintenance 20% Drop over 4 years
      Lifespan 10 – 15 years
      Warranty Lighting 2 years
      Warranty Power Controllers 2 years
      Gross Weight/Rell 9.6kg
      N.W/Meter 0.135kg
      Packing size 36*36*23cm
      Protection Short Circuit
      Over Current
      Over Voltage
      Over temperature

      Readings displayed are from a 1 meter piece only, as the length extends the luminescence increases substantially due to overlapping light

      power supply
      WSTT LED 20
      WSTT LED 20