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In wrestt lighting, every product should obey a strict and complete procedure and standard from research, design, prototype, component selection, test production, mass production, to quality control. In administration affair, we have a high efficiency computerized management system from receiving orders at sales department to shipping to ensure our best service for our customers.

● shipping logistics for timely delivery.
● based DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 certified.
● Starting and review during the same using precision equipment to measure the performance of the installation.

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Customer Satisfaction:
We realize electric products need to meet application requirement with customer’s final equipment. “Customer Satisfaction” is a motivated power for wrestt lighting future growth. We strongly believe you will satisfy our total services, no matter in attitude, respond time, information offer before sales, technical support, prompt delivery, after-sales services, and customer’s quality claim issue.

With the experience of more than five years, wrestt lighting has developed into a leading provider in the field of climatization of led lighting supplier. Wrestt solutions are used where operational safety and reliability is the ultimate objective. User-friendly and well-engineered solutions, developed in long practice, ensure the safe operation of many different installation types.