wrestt lighting offers an extremely reliable lighting platform with a 2-4 year warranty. The lighting is powered by low voltage DC of 24VDC or 36VDC which makes it extremely safe to manage, allowing installation to be done under live conditions.

Underground Solutions

led strip lighting

WRESTT is a safe and efficient alternative to complex infrastructures that needs constant maintenance. WRESTT boasts the following unique safety features:

Reduced Risk of Electrocution
A low voltage supply of 24 or 36 Volts DC reduces the risk of electrocution considerably.
Fast and safe Repairs
Repairs can be carried out safely and quickly under live conditions.
Safe working environment
WRESTT?illuminates potential dangers by providing a complete flood of light from floor to ceiling. This can substantially boost the morale and efficiency of workers.
Constant luminescence reduces incidents
The consistent flood of lighting eliminates spots and reduces threats of glare and blinding, preventing possible incidents.
Indestructible hardware
Outer shell is 100% waterproof, flame retardant, impact and shock resistant. Virtually indestructible and maintains total functionality in close proximity to explosions.
Preferred above LED globes
Intelligent power controllers with built in overcurrent, overvoltage and overheating properties protects against voltage fluctuations, making WRESTT?the preferred choice.
Increased tensile strength
Compatible with harsh mining conditions and possibility of manhandling, WRESTT?allows for 65kg pulling power without compromising functionality.


WRESTT LIGHTING adopts a system of operations which require LED power controllers to convert the input voltage in VAC, into a lower voltage of 24 or 36 VDC, energising the LED’s. The power controllers have a variable input feature which means it can manage any AC voltage from 90 – 300, making it suitable for most applications around the world.

The design has an ingenious feature which allows for the connection of a power controller on either one end, or both ends of the strip lighting. In doing so, the rated length effectively doubles and the lighting will continue to operate if completely severed along the run of lighting and/or if one of the power controllers fails. The various lighting solution runs are indicated on the PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS page under each product’s information.


The power controllers have double outputs which enable them to follow a ‘piggy back’ system. This system enables a single power controller to manage the end of a run of lighting, as well as the beginning of a run of lighting, allowing for a continuous chain of lighting.
The WRESTT LED Strip lighting is connected to the power controller by means of connectors. These connectors have a positive connector (01) which is applied at the start of a lighting run, and a negative connector (02), which is applied at the end of a run. Other accessories with identical form of connections are available for ease of installation.

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