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      WSTT LED 60

      The WSTT 60 LED strip lighting is the most popular choice of the available WRESTT lighting solutions, which is very versatile and provides daylight conditions underground.
      It is currently being used for a myriad of solutions ranging from haulages, refuge bays, conveyors,tipping areas, etc. It is also used consistently above ground in numerous applications and its excellent high bright lighting with a 120 degree complete flood makes it a bestseller.
      WSTT LED 60
      Product Figures:

      12 watts per meter | 60 LED / METER

      Description WSTT 60 LED Per Meter
      Part Number WSTT-UG-60
      LED Make Epistar
      LED configuration 60 LED’s spaced evenly
      over a meter length
      Range fed from both sides 36V 50 Meters
      Recommended fixing height 5-6 meters
      IP Rating 65
      Power Consumption per LED 0.2 Watts
      Power Consumption per Meter 12 Watts
      Colour Rendering Index CRI >80
      Colour temperature 6500 Kelvin
      Luminous Efficacy 82lm/watt ; 26-28lm/led
      Lumens P/M 1104
      Power factor 0.96
      Voltage on lighting VDC 36VDC
      Supply voltage for power controllers VAC 90 – 305 VAC
      Light maintenance 20% Drop over 4 years
      Lifespan 10 – 15 years
      Warranty Lighting 2 years
      Warranty Power Controllers 2 years
      Gross Weight/Rell 12.68kg
      N.W/Meter 0.168kg
      Packing size 36*36*23cm
      Protection Short Circuit
      Over Current
      Over Voltage
      Over temperature
      60 LED PER METER

      Readings displayed are from a 1 meter piece only, as the length extends the luminescence increases substantially due to overlapping light

      power supply
      WSTT LED 60
      WSTT LED 60